Dating Certificates


Machines that have not been previously registered in the UK will require:

  • DVLA form V55/5, Dating Certificate (available from the Vespa Club)
  • MOT (required if the machine is under 40 years old.)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • A photograph of the machine and the appropriate Road Tax fee (if applicable)

In effect this means that the scooter should be complete and roadworthy as Inspection may be required by VOSA (now DVSA).

All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated.


Owners of Vespas that have UK registration numbers should check with DVLA whether the number is still available for retrieval.

If available, you will need:

  • DVLA form V765 (downloadable from DVLA website)
  • DVLA form V55/5
  • A photograph of the Vespa
  • A document linking the VIN to the Registration Number.

The document should be a sales receipt (dated before 1983), archive document (or Authenticated Copy) of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book (or authenticated copy). If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies. These will be accepted by DVLA.

This MAY be available from Local Council Archives or Private Collections. Many Councils destroyed their records as instructed by DVLA upon computerization of registrations but others did not and some records found their way into private trusts or collections.

When applying for authenticated copies from record offices, archives , trusts or private collections , ensure that the information contains the VIN . Records without the VIN connection will not be accepted by the DVLA.
Retention of an old registration Number is entirely at the discretion of the DVLA.

All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated.

Just For Your Information

Italian manufactured Vespas have a Number with a prefix beginning with the letter ‘V’ for both engine and chassis numbers.

Please note that numbers prefixed with IGM, GM or OM are not frame numbers but may be included with your submitted information as an additional means of identifying the machine.

If you have any documentation including a foreign registration number, this should be included with your application.

For enquiries regarding dating certificates please email [email protected]

Dating certificates £10.00. For payment details please contact the above email address.