Join in with your nearest Regional Vespa Club and the National VCB

How do I Join?

The Vespa Club of Britain is split into regions, which you can join through.
Within that Region there are various local or national clubs that you can affiliate to or you can just be a solo member within that Region.

What do I get for my Regional Membership?

You will get 12 months membership from the day you join and the following:

  • A percentage of your Membership fee goes towards your Region in order to run or sponsor an event for their members.
  • Local meet-ups throughout the year.
  • Promoting local clubs events and functions that will interest the local Regional member.
  • The involvement with the fun and popular “Regional Riders Competition” (RRC) and competing within your Region and further afield.
  • A local Regional Rep in order to contact and discuss local or National issues.
  • A great platform for you personally to get involved in and help your Region locally and nationally with ideas and events.

Your Membership will also entitle you to Full membership within the Vespa Club of Britain (VCB)

  • 6 Copies of the Vespa News journal within your yearly subscription.
  • A VCB membership welcome pack which includes an embroidered patch, sticker, membership card, and pin badge.
  • Your own personal account within the VCB website and for you to get involved with – Voting, Forums, and VCB member’s only events.
  • Signing on events throughout the Country for you to attend.
  • News and emails about information on events in other Regions,
  • A National Vespa British Days held once a year for everyone to attend.

As well as all of this, you will also receive free membership into the Vespa World Club which entitles you to –

  • To attend the Vespa World Days event which is organised by a different country every other year around the world.
  • To attend the European Vespa Days which is held every year in different countries throughout Europe.
  • To attend other International events throughout the world. A link to these events will be added to the VCB website events calendar.

We hope you enjoy your membership within the Vespa Club of Britain and look forward to seeing you at an event or meeting in the very near future.

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Regional Cog of Eastern

Regional Reps: Mark and Cas Bullard

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: Eastern Facebook

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Regional Cog of London

Regional Reps: Toni McGowan

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: London Facebook

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Regional Cog of National

Regional Reps:

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: National Facebook

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North East

Regional Cog of North East

Regional Reps: Tim Lightfoot

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: North East Facebook

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North Midlands

Regional Cog of North Midlands

Regional Reps: Andy Butler

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: North Midlands Facebook

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North Wales

Regional Cog of North Wales

Regional Reps: Phil Sharrock

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: North Wales Facebook

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North West

Regional Cog of North West

Regional Reps: Nev Rigby, Russ Machin

Regional Rep Email Address:,

Regional Facebook Page: North West Facebook

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Northern Ireland

Regional Cog of Northern Ireland

Regional Reps: Ian Hedges

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: Northern Ireland Facebook

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Regional Cog of Overseas

Regional Reps:

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: Overseas Facebook

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Regional Cog of Scotland

Regional Reps: Susan Goodman

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: Scotland Facebook

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South East

Regional Cog of South East

Regional Reps: Bryan Reed

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: South East Facebook

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South Midlands

Regional Cog of South Midlands

Regional Reps: Chris Knightley

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: South Midlands Facebook

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South Wales

Regional Cog of South Wales

Regional Reps: Brigid Corr & Paul Kidd

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: South Wales Facebook

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South West

Regional Cog of South West

Regional Reps: Alex Bridge - Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire (
Ian and Julie Lindsay - Reps for Devon and Cornwall (

Regional Rep Email Address:,

Regional Facebook Page: South West Facebook

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Regional Cog of Southern

Regional Reps: Pete Davies ( Pete Hinsley (

Regional Rep Email Address:,

Regional Facebook Page: Southern Facebook

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Regional Cog of West

Regional Reps: Andrew Barlow ( Ed and Serena Jones (

Regional Rep Email Address:,

Regional Facebook Page: West Facebook

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Regional Cog of Yorkshire

Regional Reps: Paul Shaw

Regional Rep Email Address:

Regional Facebook Page: Yorkshire Facebook

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List of all Eastern Clubs

Blue & Gold (Cog No: 284)
Cambridge (Cog No: 10)
Chelmsford Scooter Club (Cog No: 189)
Clacton (Cog No: 414)
Colchester Vespa Club (Cog No: 91)
Collective Scooter club (Cog No: 243)
Destitutes Scooter Club (Cog No: 232)
Essex Alliance Scooter Club (Cog No: 253)
Essex and Suffolk (Cog No: 435)
Essex Vespa Club (Cog No: 7)
Great Yarmouth Sidewinders (Cog No: 451)
Happy House 456 (Cog No: 456)
Harlequins Scooter Club (Cog No: 228)
Herts and Essex The Highwaymen (Cog No: 131)
Herts, Beds Vespa Club (Cog No: 191)
Hethersett Vespa Club “The Cappuccino Collective” (Cog No: 364)
Hitchin (Cog No: 105)
Huntingdonshire Vespa Club (Cog No: 383)
Ipswich (Cog No: 9)
Ironsides (Cog No: 83)
Lea Valley/North London (Cog No: 11)
Lowestoft Vespa Club (Cog No: 371)
North Norfolk (Cog No: 428)
Norwich Broadsmen Scooter Club (Cog No: 201)
Peterborough Vespa Club 50 (Cog No: 50)
Writtle (W.I.S.C) (Cog No: 231)

List of all London Clubs

Cheam (Cheetahs) (Cog No: 203)
Croxley Rebels 450 (Cog No: 450)
Foresters Scooter Club (Cog No: 95)
Hornchurch (Cog No: 259)
In Crowd Scooter Club (Cog No: 235)
London Wasps 440 (Cog No: 440)
Mad Mods and Englishmen Scooter Club (Cog No: 248)
South London Vespa Club Cog 3 (Cog No: 3)
Specials Scooter Club (Cog No: 208)
The Mysterons Twickenham (Cog No: 425)
Vespaholics Vespa Club (Cog No: 210)
Way out West Scooter Club (West of london). (Cog No: 303)
West London (Cog No: 30)

List of all National Clubs

Alba Gu Brath 215 (Cog No: 215)
British Christian Scooterists Association (BCSA) (Cog No: 211)
Cosanauts (Cog No: 242)
Expats (Cog No: 308)
GTS Owners Club (Cog No: 229)
H M Forces Scooter Club (Cog No: 271)
Motovespa Owners 408 (Cog No: 408)
National Vespa Riders with Disability (Cog No: 376)
Old Skool Scooter Club (Cog No: 368)
P Range Owners Club (Cog No: 241)
PK Owners Club (Cog No: 337)
Rally 180 Owners (Cog No: 325)
Sei Giorni GTV Owners Club 365 (Cog No: 365)
Serie Speciale 417 (Cog No: 417)
Solo Donne 278 All Female Vespa Club (Cog No: 278)
Square & Compasses Scooter Club (Cog No: 312)
Team Vespa (Cog No: 382)
Vespa Sports Club (Cog No: 155)
Veteran Vespa Club (Cog No: 175)

List of all North East Clubs

A19 Scooter Club (Cog No: 336)
Berwick Vespa Club (Cog No: 315)
Blyth & Tyne “Twin Rivers” (Cog No: 120)
City of Durham Scooter Club (Cog No: 173)
Consett (Cog No: 262)
County Durham 2+2 Scooter Crew (Cog No: 437)
Darlington “The Rockets” (Cog No: 144)
Green Tree Scooter Club (Cog No: 351)
Groundhogs Scooter Club Durham (Cog No: 222)
Hartlepool Scooter Club “the monkey hangers” (Cog No: 341)
Newcastle Vespa Club (Cog No: 26)
Posse Scooter Club, Washington, Tyne and Wear (Cog No: 361)
Setting Sons Newcastle upon Tyne (Cog No: 427)
Smugglers Scooter Club (Cog No: 298)
South Tyneside Vespa Club (Cog No: 343)
Stranton Eagles Vespa Club (Cog No: 317)
Stray Cats Scooter Club Durham (Cog No: 335)
Tees-side (Cog No: 8)
Wearside Wanderers Scooter Club (Cog No: 347)
Weather Beaters (Cog No: 394)

List of all North Midlands Clubs

Amber Valley Vespa Club (Cog No: 354)
Angry Pirates Scooter Club (Cog No: 290)
BANANAS – Bingham and Newark and Nott’s Area Sc’s (Cog No: 381)
Bilborough Old Boys Scooter Club (Cog No: 372)
Borderline Drifters Scooter Club (Cog No: 295)
Brimington Scooter Club (Cog No: 388)
Burton Brewers Scooter Club (Cog No: 380)
Buxton Spa Town 447 (Cog No: 446)
Chesterfield (Cog No: 97)
Derby Central 439 (Cog No: 439)
Derby Merlin 448 (Cog No: 448)
Derby Vespa Club (Cog No: 370)
Hinckley (Cog No: 285)
Horncastle Generations (Cog No: 423)
Junction 25 Casuals (Cog No: 403)
Leicester (Cog No: 39)
Leicester Phoenix Scooter Club (Cog No: 331)
Lincoln Knights Scooter Club (Cog No: 154)
Lincolnshire Crusaders (Cog No: 411)
Mansfield Monsters Scooter Club (Cog No: 268)
Melton Mowbray Scooter Club (Cog No: 329)
Nottingham (Cog No: 14)
Nottingham Knights Scooter Club (Cog No: 293)
Ruddington & District (Cog No: 245)
Skegby Scooter Club (Cog No: 306)
Skegness (Cog No: 273)
Sutton-In-Ashfield (Cog No: 384)

List of all North Wales Clubs

Celtic Guardians (Cog No: 393)
Flintshire Vespa Club (Cog No: 257)
Mon / Arfon 454 (Cog No: 454)
Wrecsam (Wrexham) (Cog No: 399)

List of all North West Clubs

Ace of Spades Scooter Club St. Helens (Cog No: 391)
Barrow in Furness (Cog No: 276)
Black Squirrels Scooter Club ( East Lancashire ) (Cog No: 350)
Blackburn (Cog No: 29)
Blackpool (Cog No: 33)
Bromborough 438 (Cog No: 438)
Burnley (Cog No: 260)
Cheshire (Cog No: 34)
Chester Vespa Club (Cog No: 244)
Chorley (Cog No: 275)
Congleton Vespa Club (Cog No: 353)
Crewe Vespa Club (Cog No: 346)
East Manchester Vespa Club (Cog No: 76)
Hindley Vespa Club (Stateside) (Cog No: 349)
Isle of Man (Cog No: 124)
Kendal (Cog No: 272)
Lake District (Cog No: 62)
Lancashire Vespa Club (Cog No: 247)
Lancaster Vespa Club (Cog No: 84)
Lone Riders Lancashire 405 (Cog No: 405)
Macclesfield (Cog No: 287)
Manchester 24 The Brollies (Cog No: 24)
Manchester Nite Owls Scooter Club (Cog No: 252)
Merseyside (Cog No: 28)
Morecambe Bay (Cog No: 159)
Mystery Tours Scooter Club (Cog No: 374)
Oldham Vespa Touring Club (Cog No: 212)
Omega Squad Scooter Club – Northwich (Cog No: 377)
Preston “Ribble Wasps” (Cog No: 123)
Ready Steady Go Barrow in Furness (Cog No: 277)
Royston Vasey Scooter Club (Cog No: 338)
Salford (Cog No: 286)
South Manchester Scooter Club (Cog No: 387)
Southport Vespa Club (Cog No: 130)
Valley Scooter Club Rossendale (Cog No: 207)
Wallasey Achilles (Cog No: 413)
Wigan (Cog No: 265)
Wirral (Cog No: 96)

List of all Northern Ireland Clubs

A2 Aces Carrickfergus (Cog No: 431)
Antrim Coasters (Cog No: 432)
Damsels in Distress (Cog No: 430)
Hope and Glory 442 (Cog No: 442)
Lakelanders Vespa Club (Cog No: 415)
Northern Coasters Scooter Club N.I. (Cog No: 373)
Orchard County (Cog No: 406)
Ulster Vespa Club (Cog No: 55)

List of all Overseas Clubs

List of all Scotland Clubs

A-92 Vespa Club (Dundee & Angus) (Cog No: 199)
A80s Cumbernauld (Cog No: 426)
Aberdeen (Cog No: 82)
All Mod Cons Livingston (Cog No: 416)
Ayr (Cog No: 78)
Clackmannanshire The Setting Sons 449 (Cog No: 449)
Clyde Valley Scooter Club (Cog No: 233)
Coyotes Scooter Club (Cog No: 339)
Dead Rabbits Scooter Club (Cog No: 389)
Doonhamers Dumfriesshire (Cog No: 404)
Dunfermline (Cog No: 79)
East Lothian Vespa Club (Cog No: 305)
Edinburgh and Lothians 457 (Cog No: 457)
Edinburgh Blues Scooter Club (Cog No: 392)
Edinburgh Central (Cog No: 429)
Falkirk (Cog No: 142)
Fife Twilight Zone 422 (Cog No: 422)
Girvan Scooter Club (Cog No: 357)
Glasgow Eastend Scooter Club (Cog No: 362)
Granite City Scooter Club Aberdeen (Cog No: 390)
Highlands 444 (Cog No: 444)
Honest Men Ayr 443 (Cog No: 443)
Lone Sharks Fife (Cog No: 407)
Motherwell Mad Monks (Cog No: 418)
North Lanarkshire Vespa Club (Cog No: 355)
Paisley (Cog No: 165)
Renfrewshire Renegades Scooter Club (Cog No: 352)
South Lanarkshire Vespa Club (Cog No: 356)
Wild Turkeys Scooter Club (Fife) (Cog No: 359)
Ythan Aberdeenshire 446 (Cog No: 446)

List of all South East Clubs

Ashford Tornados (Cog No: 227)
Big 7 (Cog No: 282)
Brighton Vespa Club (Cog No: 41)
Dartford Social Scooter Club (Cog No: 420)
Eastbourne (Cog No: 156)
Gravesend sentinels Scooter Club (Cog No: 237)
Gravesend Vespa Club (Cog No: 434)
Isle of Thanet Vespa Club (Cog No: 328)
Maidstone & District (Cog No: 316)
Medway Vespa Club (Cog No: 16)
Sid James Scooter Club (Cog No: 234)
Sittingbourne Knights Scooter Club (Cog No: 236)
South Kent Saints (Cog No: 421)
West Kent (Cog No: 20)

List of all South Midlands Clubs

Corby Vespa Club (Cog No: 342)
Dough Boys Scooter Club (Cog No: 366)
Northampton Vespa Club (Cog No: 77)
Oxford Roadrunners (Cog No: 15)
Tin Soldiers Scooter Club (Cog No: 225)
Urban Pirates Scooter Club (Cog No: 334)

List of all South Wales Clubs

Abergavenny Vespa Club (Cog No: 360)
Barry and District Scooter Club (Cog No: 300)
Caerffili 452 (Cog No: 452)
Cardiff and District (Cog No: 13)
Distant Echo Scooter Club (Cog No: 297)
Newport & Monmouthshire (Cog No: 71)
Pembrey and Burryport Vespa Club (Cog No: 375)
Pembrokeshire (Cog No: 264)

List of all South West Clubs

Avon Valley (Cog No: 140)
Bath Spa (Cog No: 163)
Bournemouth 43 (Cog No: 43)
Bristol (Cog No: 18)
Chard (Cog No: 261)
Cheltenham (Cog No: 59)
Cornwall (Cog No: 256)
Cream Teas Scooter Club – North Devon (Cog No: 385)
Devizes Sweet Sensations Scooter Club (Cog No: 409)
Dorset Knights Scooter Club (Cog No: 251)
Glevum Stax Scooter Club (Cog No: 320)
HogWild Scooter Club – Swindon (Cog No: 301)
ISCA Scooter Club Exeter (Cog No: 274)
Modrapheniacs Scooter Club (Cog No: 254)
Moonrakers (Wiltshire) (Cog No: 112)
Plymouth Seahawks (Cog No: 150)
Poole Vespa Club (Cog No: 314)
Portland (Cog No: 279)
Section 8 Scooter Club – Falmouth (Cog No: 152)
Somerset 453 (Cog No: 453)
South Devon Vespa Club 57 (Cog No: 57)
Torbay & Newton Abbot (Cog No: 74)
Wessex Scooter Club (Cog No: 340)
Weston Super Mare (Cog No: 67)
Weymouth Vespa Club (Cog No: 410)

List of all Southern Clubs

Aldershot A5 Scooter Club (Cog No: 226)
Andover Wessex Wasps (Cog No: 60)
Area 51 Scooter Club (Cog No: 313)
Banbury Scooter Club (Cog No: 395)
Definitely Maybe (Cog No: 348)
Farnborough (Cog No: 168)
Farnborough Hurricanes (Cog No: 401)
Glory Boys Scooter Club (Cog No: 345)
Gold and Sword Hampshire 455 (Cog No: 455)
Guernsey (Cog No: 176)
Hamble 436 (Cog No: 436)
Hants, Berks Vespa Club (Cog No: 198)
In The Blood Scooter Club (Cog No: 267)
Isle of Wight Vespa Club 64 (Cog No: 64)
Jailbirds Scooter Club Hampshire & Surrey (Cog No: 386)
Jersey Vespa Club 204 (Cog No: 204)
Junction 13 Scooter Club Surrey & Hants (Cog No: 246)
Kellys Heroes Abingdon (Cog No: 433)
Lost Souls SC 397 (Cog No: 397)
Midhurst Detours Scooter Club (Cog No: 292)
New Forest Scooter Club (Cog No: 213)
Newbury No.90 (Cog No: 90)
Portsmouth (Cog No: 6)
Reading Vespa Club (Cog No: 44)
Red Kites Scooter Club (Cog No: 217)
Solent Cougars Scooter Club (Cog No: 326)
Solent Mutineers (Cog No: 402)
South Coast Wanderers 269 (Cog No: 269)
Southampton (Cog No: 63)
Winchester Knights (Cog No: 296)

List of all West Clubs

Alcester & District Vespa Club (Cog No: 379)
All or Nothing Scooter Club (Cog No: 81)
Birmingham (Cog No: 2)
Black Country Vespa Club (Cog No: 216)
Cannock 309 (Cog No: 309)
Herefordshire (Cog No: 400)
Mid Staffs Vespa Club (Cog No: 424)
Modern World Scooter Club (Cog No: 196)
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Vespa Club 369 (Cog No: 369)
Nuneaton Vespa Club 111 (Cog No: 111)
Olympic Scooter Club (Cog No: 294)
Stafford (Cog No: 419)
Staffordshire (Cog No: 288)
Stoke on Trent (Cog No: 49)
Unreliables Scooter Club (Cog No: 344)
Wolverhampton Cog 40 (Cog No: 40)
Worcester Vespa Club (Cog No: 332)

List of all Yorkshire Clubs

Aire Valley (Cog No: 98)
Barnsley Vespa Club (Cog No: 169)
Bridlington Vespa Club (Cog No: 324)
Castleford Midnight Runners (Cog No: 412)
Doncaster (Cog No: 68)
East Leeds Vespa Club (Cog No: 445)
East Riding Vespa Club (Cog No: 195)
Goole “Royalists” (Cog No: 103)
Halifax (Cog No: 139)
Harrogate & District Vespa Club (Cog No: 378)
Leeds (Cog No: 4)
Leeds Crusaders Scooter Club (Cog No: 318)
North Lincolnshire 441 (Cog No: 441)
Pontefract Vespa Club (Cog No: 239)
Rotherham Vespa Club (Cog No: 114)
Ryedale and District (Cog No: 396)
Selby (Cog No: 283)
Sheffield Vespa Club (Cog No: 73)
Wakefield (Cog No: 99)
Woolybacks Scooter Club (Cog No: 202)
York Vespa Club (Cog No: 134)